Beats “Tour” Earbuds


I recently purchased a pair of Beats Tour Earphones By Dr Dre from Walmart.
I already had a pair, that I ended up stepping on and breaking. I originally had the “Urbeats” earphones. Although I loved them, the sound quality was good, but not something I would have spent a hundred dollars, which is why I’m thankful that they were a gift. But I loved them regardless.
The material of the Urbeats was kind of flimsy and felt very light as if they were made with cheap material. The plastic part where the rubber earphone is attached to ended up coming off a couple of times, and I got tired of it and used nail glue to put it back together. Which, again is why I’m glad I didn’t buy them with my own money. They were flimsy.
The Tour Beats feel like they are much better put together. They are heavier than the Urbeats, and the sound quality is much better. The earphones curve in to fit snugly into your ears and block out just about any noise, unless it is extremely loud. To see how much loud noise they could block out, I ended up walking around the loading dock at work while the guys were operating the forklifts and loading a trailer. The volume on my headphones was at a normal listening volume. They blocked out all noise with the exception of when the guys dropped a very large metal loading ramp onto another one. I’m talking about a metal loading ramp that is so heavy that it can only be lifted with a forklift. When it dropped in the other one, that’s the only time the noise was not blocked out. Which is pretty amazing. The curving in of the earphones is an awesome feature. And the carrying case is sturdy and not easily crushed. So I feel comfortable throwing them in my purse and carrying them in my back pockets. The earphones also come with the following:

Soft carry pouch
4 pairs of ear tips
3 pairs of secure fit wingtips

The sound is definitely crystal clear. And the bass can be felt in your ears when playing. Even a soft bass can be felt as a light vibration in your ears. Heavier bass means heavier vibration in your ears. The headphones are compatible with the iPhone to answer, talk on and hang up phone calls. You can also adjust the volume as well. However, they are not compatible with Android in those ways. You can use it as a mic for phone calls, but pressing the buttons will not do anything on my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note Edge). They work on all Apple devices very well. I tested them on my iPad and was able to raise the volume, lower it, and pause and restart a video on it. Overall blocking out all noises, the curved in earphone, feeling the bass, and the crystal clear sound quality is well worth the $162 (tax included) I spent. Walmart also offers a warranty for about $20, which I did purchase as it covers any and all repairs should they break or tear. No questions asked. I spent nearly $200 in total. Well worth it.
My overall rating is 4.5/5 stars. Minus half a star due to not being compatible for Android as it is for Apple.
Would I buy them again if they needed to be replaced? Absolutely. No doubt about it. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

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