MAC, Revlon, Covergirl and Chanel Makeup Reviews (And Dupes as well)

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So yesterday I pretty much ran out of my Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation.
I love this foundation. It went on silky and smooth and kept my face oil and shine free for a couple of hours.
Literally nothing will keep my skin from getting oily all day. NOTHING. I have tried it all.
So when I decided to step away from the MAC makeup family and decided to give Chanel a try, I fell in LOVE.
It is a higher end makeup. The liquid foundation by itself will set you back a bad ass $54.00.
I know, pricey. But when I find something that finally works better for my skin, I stay hooked on it, and I tend to not want to stray away from it.
So I decided to get online and buy it directly from the Chanel website.
To my surprise and horror, it is not available for purchase on their website anymore!! NOOOO!!
After doing an online search, I was able to locate it on the Macy’s website.
I seriously HATE purchasing ANYTHING online from Macy’s due to the shiteous customer service they have on the phone.
It is literally like morons run the customer service.
But I went ahead and purchased my foundation off of Macy’s since it is the only online retailer I could find it at.
My first option was Dillard’s, but it was not available on there either, which sucks.
So, along with Chanel’s Mat Lumiere, I also decided to stock up on everything else I am close to running out of, so the whole purchase consists of the following:

  • CHANEL MAT LUMIÉRE Long-lasting Soft Matte Sunscreen Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, 0.52 ozChanel Mat Lumiere liquid foundation provides a medium to heavy coverage on my face, depending on what I use to apply it with. If I use a makeup sponge, the coverage is lighter. If I use a makeup brush, the coverage is definitely heavier and works well to cover up red spots and any other imperfections. The liquid foundation, combined with the powder foundation is a God send for me. My skin looks like porcelain with this heavenly combination, yet still feels lightweight and fresh.
    ($54.00 via Macy’s online store)

    The Double Perfection Lumiere Powder foundation, I brush lightly onto my skin after I use the liquid foundation for an extra matte look. I really like that this powder foundation doesn’t make your makeup looked “caked” on, and doesn’t feel heavy on my skin either. But I think that if you used this throughout the day, it might start to make your face feel kind of heavy with makeup. I feel it is for a bit of a heavy coverage, but it definitely makes my face look toned and even.
    ($52.50 via Macy’s online store)

    The Poudre Universelle Compacte, is simply a pressed powder. I keep it in my car for emergency touch ups while on the road. It’s also best kept in my car. At least I know if I drop it, it will only fall on carpet and not break.
    This pressed powder has a very light feel to it. It has a light floral scent (to me at least), but it is not overbearing. After lightly padding my face with it, my skin actually feels refreshed and clean. It eliminates any and all oil for me, for at least two hours. I have very oily skin, I know. This to me provides light coverage if I’ve only used this and the liquid foundation alone.
    ($45.00 via Macy’s online store)

    Last but definitely NOT least, is the MAC Studio fix Powder Plus Foundation, which I LOVE and still use for a reason! This compact I keep in my work desk for the couple of touch ups I do when my face starts getting oily at work.
    I don’t keep any of my Chanel makeup at work anymore due to the risk of theft.
    (I had a couple of iPhone chargers stolen from me, that was reason enough to not keep pricey things in my desk)
    MAC Studio Fix provides a VERY heavy coverage, which I love, especially when I develop purple under my eyes from not sleeping well at night. When I say it provides a very heavy coverage, I mean it 100%. When I had very bad and out of control acne, my mom used to buy me this to hide it, and it hid it very well. I couldn’t have gotten through Cosmetology school without it. When I use this at work for touch ups, I make sure to apply it sparingly with a makeup brush and not the sponge. MAC makes really good makeup sponges, and using it will provide you some bad ass coverage! But this is used for the triangular area of my face (Nose, chin and upper lip) since it is the oiliest. but I don’t want a caked on look, and applying this several times throughout the day on my face will make my triangle zone look very caked on and obvious. I love it, and the price is still a little high, but definitely worth the investment!
    ($27.00 via Macy’s online store)

    If you’re looking for a really great and affordable dupe of Chanel’s Mat Lumiere. I suggest Revlon’s “Photo Ready AIrbrush“! I used it a couple of times when I ran out of my usual foundation, but my skin did turn red and it became itchy as I have very sensitive skin. The coverage is good, and it didn’t feel too heavy but, it didn’t do much to keep my oily skin at bay for very long. But I did love it, minus the skin reaction. If you have sensitive skin like I do, I recommend you do an area test first. Everyone is different, and what caused a reaction for me, may or may not cause a reaction for you.
    (This runs for about $11.99 via Google search)

    Covergirl Ultimate Finish is definitely a really great dupe of MAC Studio Fix! Although the coverage is great, it doesn’t provide the same extremely heavy coverage provided by MAC (Then again, what does!?). It definitely feels lighter on my skin, but provides a great and affordable coverage!
    ($7.00-$10.00 via Google search)

    I hope my reviews have helped you find some great coverage and solutions for your skin!
    Remember that we all have different skin, and what I have stated is a review from my own personal use!

3 thoughts on “MAC, Revlon, Covergirl and Chanel Makeup Reviews (And Dupes as well)

    1. For the Chanel Poudre Universaille Compact I’d use Covergirls Clean Pressed powder, the brown compact. It has the same fresh feeling that the Chanel compact gives you with a light scent.

      For the Chanel Double Perfection Lumiere I’d use Covergirls Ultimate Finish as well, which is a great dupe for MAC too. It provides an equal amount of heavy coverage if that’s what you’re looking for. To avoid a “caked on” look use a makeup brush for daily touch ups.


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